3rd International Workshop on                                       

Frontiers in Environmental Chemical Research                                       

in honor of Prof. Michael Hoffmann’s 70th Birthday                                      



Date: November 11 (Fri), 2016

Venue: Environmental Eng. Bldg. #Rm 112, Pohang University of Science and Technology (POSTECH), Pohang, Korea




Invited Speaker

Lecture Title


Prof. Hoffmann


Welcome address


Detlef Bahnemann (Leibniz U Hannover, Germany)

Converting Solar Energy into Storable Fuels:

Understanding the Chemistry of the Underlying Photocatalytic Processes


Jae Sung Lee

(UNIST, Korea)

Materials and Systems for Stand-Alone Solar Fuel Production


Bunsho Ohtani

(Hokkaido U, Japan)

Fundamental Aspects of Particulate Photocatalysis beyond a Model of Micro-photoelectrochemical cell: Electron Traps and Light-intensity Dependence





Kazuhito Hashimoto

(NIMS, Japan)

Extracellular Electron Transfer via Conductive Minerals


Gang Yu

(Tsinghua U, China)

Catalytic destruction of UPOPs in flue gas of municipal waste incinerator: from laboratory to pilot


Kwang-Ho Choo

(Kyungpook U, Korea)

Submerged membrane photoreactor treatment for water detoxification and reuse


Hyunwoong Park

(Kyungpook U, Korea)

Stand alone CO2 photoconversion to value-added chemicals





Xie Quan

(Dalian U of Tech., China)

Electrocatalytic reduction based strategy for removal of halogenated organic pollutants from water


Kangwoo Cho

(KIST, Korea)

Environmental Electrochemistry: Achievements with Prof. Hoffmann and Their Continuation


Tai Kyu Lee

(NanoPac, Korea)

NANOPAC Electrochemical Anode for Human Wastewater Treatment


Wonyong Choi

(POSTECH, Korea)

Environmental Redox Processes at Interfaces: 25 years’ research inspired by Prof. Hoffmann



Closing remarks


Organizer: Wonyong Choi, POSTECH

(contact:; Tel. +82-54-279-2283)


Organizing and Sponsoring Institutes: POSTECH, BK21 Plus Program (Global Nexus for Environment, Energy and Climate), Global Research Lab. (NRF)

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