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최원용 교수님, "ACS ES&T Engineering" editor in chief 선임


Wonyong Choi to lead ACS ES&T Engineering

Inaugural editor in chief will focus on emerging and interdisciplinary areas of environmental engineering.


Wonyong Choi, head of the division of environmental science and engineering at Pohang University of Science and Technology (POSTECH), has been named the inaugural editor in chief of ACS ES&T Engineering. The journal will publish original research on the development of sustainable engineering solutions to protect the environment and remediate the risks of hazardous materials and pollutants.

“The global community is paying more and more attention to environmental problems than ever since many environmental issues have global impacts, such as on climate change, water shortage, air quality, and the persistence of micropollutants and microplastics. ACS ES&T Engineering will have a global focus and an international reach, serving the broad scientific community that is working to solve these critical problems. The journal will serve as a primary source where people seek cutting-edge knowledge and engineering solutions for environmental issues of today and tomorrow,” Choi says. He added that the journal will not only include the core environmental engineering area but also highlight the “interdisciplinary areas that are critically needed to solve emerging and nontraditional environmental problems.”


Choi’s research focuses on solar energy conversion and utilization for environmental and energy applications. His research group has been working to combine environmental nanomaterials for solar energy utilization and environmental chemistry to provide more sustainable solutions for cleaner environment. He was an editor for Journal of Hazardous Materials from 2008 to 2017 and an associate editor for Environmental Science & Technology since 2017. He earned a BS in chemical technology from Seoul National University, an MS in chemistry from Pohang University of Science and Technology, and a PhD in environmental chemistry from the California Institute of Technology.

“I am confident Professor Wonyong Choi will establish this journal at the very forefront of the latest advances in environmental engineering research and technological innovation, and as a title the community will truly aspire to read and publish in,” says James Milne, president of ACS Publications.

ACS ES&T Engineering will begin accepting submissions this summer.



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